Rosette Studios: Arts & Letters

214 S. Campbell Ave.
Springfield, Missouri 65806

We are located between College and McDaniel on Campbell.  Want to come visit us but not sure where to park?  There is parking-a-plenty near Rosette Studios!  There is curbside parking right in front along Campbell.  There are also two FREE parking garages on Campbell, one off of McDaniel and the other off of College.

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Tel: 417.987.9155

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Charles Koonce: Co-Owner

Charles Koonce

Charles Koonce’s life has been defined primarily through discovery and exploration of different places and ideas. Charles Koonce was born in Washington State. He spent his childhood moving around as a result of his father being in the military. His family settled in St. Louis, MO where Charles went to high school and then joined the US Navy. He spent 6 years in the US Navy, which afforded him the ability to explore many countries, after which he moved to Wichita, KS. It was there that he began a career in the arts. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Wichita State University. While in Wichita, he exhibited frequently, including at the student run gallery, shiftspace, and the Diver Studio. Charles then went to Lubbock, TX where he received his Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Texas Tech University.  While there, he was active in the arts showing in many venues around TX. These included Marfa, San Angelo and Wichita Falls. He has also participated in the Texas Sculpture symposium and volunteered for Chinati Weekend at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, TX. Charles currently resides in Springfield, MO. His current research revolves around the experience of discovery through the theories of quantum mechanics. He creates installations that transform spaces into experiences that reflect concepts in wave theory.


Bridget Koonce: Co-Owner

Bridget Koonce

Bridget Koonce is an artist engaged in a variety of materials.  She is striving toward a goal to make artwork in peoples’ lives a standard instead of the exception.  Bridget was born and grew up in Wichita, Kansas.  She acquired various skills in her early years, most centered around traditional homemaking, including sewing.  She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Wichita State University in Kansas and received a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Alfred University in New York.  Bridget has taught children and young adults at both community center and university settings.  Bridget is involved with the art community through conferences such as NCECA, solo and group shows, and workshops at Anderson Ranch in Colorado and Watershed in Maine.  She explores textiles, ceramics, found objects, wood, glass, paper, etc.  She is always interested in new knowledge she can gain by those facilities and people around her.  Bridget currently resides in Springfield, MO.  Her current research explores possessions that bring people comfort and define who they are by acquiring previously owned objects and investigating the memory that they carry with them.




 Chuck and Bridget Koonce




Rosette Studios is an art experience that offers:
Artists’ products for purchase
A new gallery show monthly
Classes on a rotating schedule
Anytime Art Classes
Rosette Studios store products
Henna temporary tattoos by appointment.

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We are located at 214 S. Campbell Ave. 65806 in downtown Springfield, MO.  We have over 80 Artists in our store! We feature Ceramics, Art & Art Prints, & Jewelry and carry varying items throughout the year including local music, knives, terrariums, Lavender products, and more. There is no way to feature them all here so we invite you to our store. We are sure you will find an Artist that you enjoy. We love supporting local Artists to keep money in the community!







We have a new Artist in our gallery every month.  Our gallery exhibits contemporary Art.  We highlight our gallery Artist with an opening on the First Friday of the month. That day we are open until 10pm. Call us to learn about our upcoming shows or how you can be in our gallery.  Ask about our annual Miniature Art Show that everyone can participate in. It is a fun way for everyone to get creative and raise money for charity.


Rosette Studios: Arts & Letters is happy to offer Henna Temporary Tattoos. We offer Traditional Henna which is red/brown in color, and Genipa, which is blue/black in color.

Individuals are welcome to come to the store to get Henna.  Appointments are recommended.

We offer group parties at the store or at your home/event.  Contact us for pricing.


Call For Artists: Post-It Show!

For years, our good friends at LemonDrop hosted a one-of-a-kind annual art show called the Post-It Show. The concept is fantastic: artists create works of art on 3×3 post-its so the artwork is affordable and accessible! Patrons can build a miniature art collection in one night with a small budget!

Unfortunately, LemonDrop does not currently exist. We are temporarily hosting the Post-It Show until LemonDrop re-emerges. It is one of our favorite things in the art world in Springfield and we want it to continue! Last year, we hosted it at Arts & Letters in our smaller “Salon Wall” area of the gallery, because we had such a tremendous response, we have decided to dedicate the full Gallery Wall to the Post-it Show this year!

For February First Friday Art Walk, we will host the Post-It Show! Similar rules apply from past LD-Sponsored Post-It Shows:

1. Each artist must submit at least 10 post-its.
2. Work may only be created utilizing 3×3″ post-its (in the past, we limited it to yellow post-its, but if a different color of 3×3 post-it calls to you, go for it).
3. Post-its are $5 a piece, so if a work of art incorporates more than one post-it (maximum of 5 combined post-its per piece), it costs $5 x the number of post-its the work is composed of.
4. Work must be submitted by Monday, February 1.
5. All sales of post-it art are split 50/50 between the gallery and the artist ($2.50 to artist, $2.50 to gallery per post-it).

We are so excited about this show!