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Artists’ studio with Vintage Pastimes

Artists’ studio with Vintage Pastimes

At our most recent Tapas & Topics we had the chance to get inside the creative and creation processes of a select group of artists and designers as they demonstrated an aspect of their craft for the residents of Elfindale Retirement Community. We were delighted to get a look into the organization and thought that goes into the glitsy glamour of Vintage Pastimes’ line of original, up-cycled jewelry.


Dianne and Amanda, the mother -daugther team who make up Vintage Pastimes are known for taking clip on earrings and other flea market finds and turning them into unabashedly fun pieces. Here I am modeling a sleek hand flower made from an old cuff link that had lost its mate.


After putting in the time to hunt for treasures at flea markets, garage sales, and the occasional auction the ladies said that the next step was sorting their treasures. Every little piece has to be carefully sorted and organized so they are easily found when inspiration hits. They said that sometimes they move pieces around for hours without settling on a design and other times ten bracelets will almost fall in place effortlessly. I was most interested to hear that Dianne likes to leave unfinished pieces out on her dining room table so she can design in her mind while making dinner.

We are truly delighted to feature the wide array of Vintage Pastimes designs at Arts & Letters and we    hope that you drop by to find the piece that speaks to you!