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Birthday Parties and Classes

We Will Host Your Next Party!

If you grab a group, you can get the group rate below.  Classes are a minimum of 5 people and maximum of 15 people.

If it is just yourself or you have less than 5, you can do most projects a la carte.  It is still very affordable!  Contact us for more information.


Paint Project

$7/ person

Painting with decal stencils makes this project simple and easy for all skill levels

Includes 2 small paper squares and one small canvas.  You take home all the drawings.  We have a hot dryer to dry them quickly or you can pick them up next day.

Project is about 40 minutes.


Leather Cuff Project

$12/ person

Use a variety of stamps to create your own leather cuffs.

Project starts with learning to use stamps on clay to make different designs.  Next we will get out the leather cuffs and stamp them.  Each person gets two cuffs. Small and large sizes available.  You can also color the cuffs and decorate them.  Take home your 2 leather cuffs.

About 1 hour


Printmaking project

$20/ person

This is a skills project to learn how to do printmaking.  This is most appropriate for 12 and up.

Project begins by looking through stencils and talking about the finished project.  Next, we will create the project on a piece of paper to test the design and talk about how to do lettering.  We will trace the design on the linoleum plate.  Next we cut the design with special cutters.  Finally we will print the plate.  You will take home the plate and all prints you make from it.

About 2-3 hours


Button/Magnet project

$5  6 small buttons

$10 6 large buttons

5.85  6 small magnets

$15 6 large magnets

Our button and magnet project is a simple project for all ages.  Everyone will get button/magnet templates and draw until they are ready with their favorites.  We will make those into buttons/magnets.

Project is 30min – 1 ½ hours


Casting Class

$20/ person

The plaster and alginate casting project uses natural materials to make small plaster sculptures.  First we will take natural objects and coordinate them in small holders.  Alginate is poured over the materials in order to cast them.  After that dries, we will take the natural material out and pour in plaster.  When that dries you will have mini plaster sculptures.  There is an option to paint them at the end.

Project takes 1-2 hours

Grab a couple friends and have some fun with classes! Classes are available by request. Choose from the following menu and give us a call. We will work with your schedule and make a night to remember. All prices are per person with a 3 person minimum.


Henna Class


In the henna class, we will teach you how to mix henna including where to get it, what you should look for, and how to avoid things that pretend to be henna. Next, basic techniques that ANYONE can do and when repeated, make beautiful designs that you will love. We will show you different styles of applying the henna and one you will like better than the other. Finally, we will do henna on ourselves and each other. I will also do henna for you (time permitting). The best part. You take henna cones home with you! Use them to practice or just go for it and henna all your friends!

1 1/2 hours


Genipa Temporary Tattoo Class

Much like the henna class but we will work with Genipa Temporary Tattoo

$40/person and must book 1 week in advance

1 1/2 hours


Other classes we offer.  Call for more details:

Pinhole Photography Class ($30)
Candle Making Class ($30)
Relief and Monotype Printmaking ($40)
Basic Ceramic Handbuilding Class ($40) (2 class periods)
Intro to Quilling ($20)
Make a Dreamcatcher Class ($20)
Beginner Casting ($30)
Basic Painting ($5 – $30 depending on options)
Flower Press making ($20)
Kids Kaleidoscope Project ($20)
Nature Plaster Casting ($20)
Bath Bombs ($15)
Tool sharpening class ($25)

Don’t see exactly what you want?

Our two teachers have a combined experience of over 20 years in Art plus we have resources to reach out to many area artists. We have experience with people of all ages including senior group activities, kids clubs, girl scout badge activities, home school Art Classes, teen art activities and more! We are confident we can create a class that you are looking for!