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Photo Engrave Necklaces

Photo Engrave Necklaces


Photo Engrave Necklaces are a great way to carry around your special people.  Check the description below for great ideas!

Upload your image for photo engrave

(max file size 32 MB)

Text for engraving

We recommend either photo engrave or text but not both since the size is 1″


Photo Engrave Necklaces

Photo Engrave Necklaces are cut on a soft tan leather. 1″ circles. They are set inside a silver pendant and strung on a black wax cord. 17″. 2″ extension chain.

Background removal comes free and standard with all necklaces.

Please leave notes if you prefer the background to be left. We also suggest only one subject in the photo. Because of the size, multiple subjects will be very small and hard to see.

Great ideas for Photo Engrave Necklaces


Your pets are without a doubt members of the family!   Therefore, get your pets on photo engraved necklaces.  Our favorite way is to get each pet on a separate pendant and wear them on the same chain.

Splash of color

Don’t forget to look at our charms and add a splash of color to your necklace.  There are many to choose from including cat and dog to stars and arrows. Get Charms here

New baby

New children are a celebrated event!  Get a photo engrave of baby’s first photos and remember the moment forever.  Undoubtedly, these make great new mom, grandma, and great grandma gifts!

Skip the photo

Photo Engrave Necklaces don’t have to have photos!  Skip uploading a photo and get a favorite quote or saying.  You can also get a business logo, astrological sign, or any image .  The possibilities are basically endless!